Inspiration and where to find it

The way leaves fall is inspiring.
The way someone smiles is inspiring.
The way words are spoken is inspiring.

Inspiration.Everybody needs it.Not just artists,writers or singers.We all come to a moment in our life when we need something to start from.Something that gives us wings and lifts us to the sky of ideas.Being inspired means being creative and that leads us to good ideas that turn into great results.We need it in our life.
With the risk of sounding as an exaggerated person,I have to say that you can find inspiration everywhere you’re looking:up,down,right,left,ahead or behind.It doesn’t matter the direction,you just have to see it.
You just need to pay attention to everything that surrounds you.Every single person and every single thing you see can become a source of inspiration.However,we,as busy humans,don’t notice the little things in our life.We consider that it’s normal to see someone smiling or crying from time to time.We think that observing rain touching the ground is nothing too spectacular.We rarely think about the deeply meaning that something can have and that is quite a shame.
We should look at people,not just see them.We should listen to them,not just hear their words.We should express our feelings,not just randomly talk.Because every action can hold something that can possibly give us an idea,a beginning for something.We can learn anything from everything.We just need to realise that.
Feelings are best known for representing inspiration,but I think that one of the most powerful one is deception.Whenever you’re sad,you feel like the only way to escape from the prison of your haunting mind,is to use your creativity.You decide to transform your pain into something that makes sense,something that has a kind of shape.The result is the only perk of sadness.Maybe that is what pain is meant for.Who knows?
Look for inspiration,find it inspired!

I’d like to know what inspires YOU.Let me know J


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, it was so interesting!
    I nominated you for the 'Sunshine Blog Award' - check out my post: xx

  2. Great little post. Very encouraging. :)


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