Life vision

What’s your life vision?
a) I just want to survive.
b) I want to do more than surviving.I want to FEEL my life.It doesn’t matter if it feels like it’s drowning me,making me feel weak or worthless,because there’s always a new day,a new beginning.A day when I can try.A day when I can do it better.

Hopefully,your answer was b).I’m not saying that life is filled only with rainbows and sunny days,but you shouldn’t see it as an eternal storm either.I think that stormy feelings come and go,but there’s something that never leaves us,something that nobody can steal from us: our dreams.
People have probably laughed of your aspirations.Maybe they told you that what you wish for is not realistic or that you won’t touch success,because you are not ambitious or strong enough.But can they take your goals away from your mind? No way.Can they erase them? Not a chance.
Your dreams possess strong roots.You’ve watered them and they’ve grown within you.Do you think that everyone desires something? Does everyone has something that makes them jump out of  bed in the morning so they can do things which are helpful for their progress? No.People wish they found their passion as you did.And it’s not  a major problem if they haven’t  yet.But the real problem is that there are persons who love making fun of  others’ desires and unfortunately,that becomes their passion.It’s like they’re living only to find new jokes to destroy them.
Whatever happens,whatever you hear,whatever people say,do not give up on your dreams,because if you do that,you give up on life.If we don’t find a meaning to our life,what’s the point of existing? Why are we waking up instead of  sleeping? Why are we trying to grow instead of keeping a constant level? Think about all of these and keep on doing whatever encloses you to achieving your dreams.

Remember: People’s opinion about your goals is NOT your achievement.Their words are not your results.Their laughter is not your failure.You are not their jokes.You are you,the person who will succeed,the one who didn’t give up,the one who did more than just surviving.


  1. I want to do something with life and do something I love as well as helping others.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Wow. I love this post! How have I not discovered your blog before?!! 👍 xx

  3. I really really love the message behind this post. Answer b is definitely the best answer :)


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