Why to keep your passions

Some people believe that passions choose them while others are sure that they are the ones who choose what they are passionate about.However,there’s something more important than this aspect: people should never give up on their passions.

But have you ever wondered “why?”.Well,here’s why:

 1) Your passions define you

Your passion is a part of yourself.You put a part of yourself in your passion. The way you do things,the way you see the world is in an incredibly strong connection with what you love.If drawing is what you enjoy most,then the place you’ve recently visited will probably be your next draft.If you adore writing,then the persons you met until now are likely to become the characters in your story. So,how can it not become a part of the definition of yourself?
2) Passions can actually make changes

Do you know how many persons’ lives have been changed by a novel,a movie or a painting? Quite a lot.What you do,what you create has an amazing power.The words you use,the content you make,the colours you choose for your creation make life a work of art.Maybe their importance cannot be noticed by everyone.But there’s always going to be at least one person that will see your passion and the result of it as an opportunity to hope,a reson to make a change in a positive way.
3) Passion means “growth”

Everything you do makes you evolve.Everything you do with love makes you grow.Having a passion means understanding many aspects more deeply.You don’t see life as something random or ordinary.You see it as an occasion to do something remarkable.That’s what passions are for.They help you become the best version of yourself.You start,you learn,you grow.
So,maybe the next time you feel like giving up on your passion,you’ll remember these lines and think:”Nope,I have reasons to keep it up!”

What are YOUR passions? Let me know in a comment.

Thank you for reading! Until next time,keep dreaming and…don’t forget to SMILE! J



  1. I've always been one to believe that you should follow your dreams!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. This was such a sweet and inspiring post. My passion is definitely all forms of media :)


  3. Love your post -- follow those passions :)

  4. Love this - I am passionate about creating. It's so cathartic:)



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