Best books read in 2016

Since 2016 is almost over,I decided to write a post about my favourite books read this year.I’ve chosen only 3 favourite YA books to write about,because they really helped me understand different aspects of life,the importance of accepting ourselves and the influence of other people in our life.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven

The story is told from the perspectives of two teenagers:the perspective of Theodore Finch and the one of Violet Markey.Both of them are hunted by the same aspect: the idea of death.However,in the moment they meet,it seems that they start seeing things differently.They wander many places together and learn things about each other that make them understand the importance of life and love.
I really enjoyed reading this book because it is so touching that it makes you cry at a certain point.It’s one of the books that leaves a question mark after the end,as you feel so close to the characters.The book also focuses on the mental illness of teenagers and about how they become “labels”.The way people think is not a choice.Our state of mind should not become a “label”,as it does not define us at all.


“What if life could be this way? Only the happy parts,none of the terrible,not even middly unpleasant.What if we could cut out the bad and keep the good?”
“Stars in the sky,stars on the ground.It’s hard to tell where the sky ends and the earth begins.I feel the need to say something grand and poetic but the only thing I come up with is “It’s lovely!” .He says “Lovely is a lovely word that should be used more often.”
“The thing I realize is that it’s not what you take,it’s what you leave.”

Will Grayson,Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

The story is told alternatively by the two characters with the same name: Will Grayson and will grayson.One of the character is created by John Green,while the other belongs to David Levithan.In one of the stories,capital letters are used to begin a new sentence,while in the other story,only lower cases are used.If you’ve previously read books published by both of the authors,you will find it easy to recognize the writing style of each one.
will grayson lives with depression while the other one,Will Grayson,has two life rules that he tries to follow: “1.Don’t care too much 2.Shut up”.In the moment they meet,their lives change in an unexpected way and discover their potentials.
Reading this book made me realise how much others can affect our life in a positive way.They can help us discover amazing facts about us and determine us to take actions that we would never even think of.


“I think about how much depends upon a best friend. Then you wake up in the morning you swing your legs out of bed and you put your feet on the ground and you stand up. You don't scoot to the edge of the bed and look down to make sure the floor is there. The floor is always there. Until it's not.”  
“not all flowers
depend on light
to grow”
“Love is always a miracle,everywhere,every time.”
“that’s it-hundreds of texts and conversations,thousands upon thousands of words spoken and sent,all boiled down in a single that what relationships become? a reduced version of the hurt,nothing else let was more than that.i know it was more than that.”

Have you read any of this books? What's your favourite quote of the ones that I've chosen? Let me know in a comment below :)
Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Wishing you all an amazing New Year,full of happiness and achievements! x


  1. I've only read Will Grayson, Will Grayson but I'll definitely check out the other two. Great post xx

  2. I absolutely love All the Bright Places. I've never read that book by John Green, but I really reccommend Looking for Alaska and Paper towns.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I'm currently reading Looking for Alaska actually and I love it :) Thanks for reading! x

  3. Those sound so good...I really need to up my reading game in 2017!


  4. They really are :) Thank you for reading! x


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