True gifts can't be wrapped

Since it’s December,I was thinking to write a post about gifts.But not about the ones that you can find at a store and buy them for someone.I’m talking about the gifts that are hard to get or even impossible to find in some cases.True gifts can’t be wrapped: health,love and happiness.It may sound strange,but isn’t it true?

Some people are ill and all they want is health.They want a cure.This is their only wish.There’s nothing more on their list but the feeling of well-being.They miss having a body that can enjoy every single moment of their life.They forgot how it feels like to smile without remember something terrible that has to do with their life.They want to fully enjoy life again.A simple wish,yet so meaningful and quite hard to become true for some.

Have you ever wondered how many people spend their Christmas alone? Not talking about the rest of the year…If you looked up on the Internet to find out the number,you would become depressed.I’m sure that only one wish crosses their mind in this period: love.All they want is to be remembered,to belong somewhere and to somebody’s soul.Spending this wonderful time of the year with your loved ones is normal.But,for some,it has become something to crave for.So,before you complain about the presents that you’ve got,look at your family and your friends.Why do that? Because they are the most beautiful gifts that you can ever get.They are a blessing.Your blessing.

If you’re healthy and loved (and you love somebody back),you are…happy.Am I wrong? I hope not.Anyone can get money,but how many people can actually get happiness? You don’t find it everywhere.I know what you may be thinking right now: “money don’t grow on trees”.But neither does health or love.How can someone enjoy spending money if they are ill and pills barely help? How can someone enjoy spending money on going on trips by themselves?

Take a moment and think about these aspects.I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have any other wishes beside these.I just think that we should be grateful for what we have.Nothing more than that.Even though these presents can’t be wrapped,I hope that you get health,love and happiness! J

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and….until next time,keep dreaming and don’t forget to smile! J

~ Anne Maria


  1. It's definitely very important to remain grateful for all the wonderful things you have that arn't purely material :) I'm grateful for my girlfriend who makes me feel loved and happy and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without her !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  2. That's great to know :) Thank you for reading! x

  3. Aww what a really lovely and different post. I totally agree that it's not just about the gifts you buy. You have definitely reminded me to be grateful of everything else in my life at Christmas, thank you. Gemma xx

    1. I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed it :) xx

    2. Such a sweet post, I've not come across one of these before!
      Aleeha xXx


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