Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

I don't know who is reading this.I have no idea who you are or what defines you.You may not know many things about me either.But if you’re reading the lines that I wrote,that is enough.It can be called a connection.I really hope that every word can be felt and understood,not just read or heard.
This letter is for you,dear reader.It may sound strange.But people need to know that there are reasons to be happy and I want this piece of writing to make you aware of that.

How was your day? Great? Horrible? It could be worse.I know what you’re thinking: it could also be better.But,you know what? It will be better.Maybe tomorrow,maybe next week or maybe the next second.You will never know if you give up on yourself or on your hope.Everything has a meaning (including these lines,hopefully).Maybe you feel like what is happening to you is not right.But what if it is a lesson? What if without it,you wouldn’t be complete? It may sound non-sense,but it may as well be true.

In case your day was great,I’m really happy to know that.I hope that all of your days are as good as this one.Every single one of it.Because you’ve probably been through a lot of deceiving situations.So,you deserve it.You would deserve it even if nothing wrong had ever happened to you (which is impossible,but still).

You may wonder why I wrote all of these lines.I don’t blame you for that.The reason is simple: for hope.Yes,hope.We all need this little,yet extremely important feeling in our life.Whenever you have the impression that nothing is left for you (nothing at all),hope will always stand there,right beside you.It won’t leave you.It won’t go.It will become a part of yourself and a part of your life and I believe that it’s everything that you need.Keep on going,no matter what happens.All the days of pain will be forgotten in the moment of happiness.But if you gave up,how would you know what happiness feels like? 

Thank you for reading these lines from someone you probably barely know and…please,be hopeful! J

a hopeful person
(not all the time,tho)


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  2. I love this so much. It's wonderfully written and makes me so happy right now xx

  3. Really needed this post :) Thanks so much for the hope and I really appreciate you writing this post xxx


  4. This felt like such a personal special letter! Thank you!
    Aleeha xXx


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