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Do you still believe in Christmas magic?

Family, magic, the perfect gift, wrapping paper, lights…Yes, I'm talking about Christmas! As you've already noticed, I mentioned the word "magic". Why did I choose to mention it? Well, when people say "Christmas", they usually associate this word with "magic". But have you ever wondered why? For kids, the magic may suppose waking up on Christmas day and going right to the Christmas tree to open their presents. Maybe, it's also about writing their letter for Santa and waiting for him. And maybe…the Christmas stories simply fascinate them and they believe in them. So, we kind of have an idea of how children would define the word "magic". But…how about teenagers and adults? How would they define this word?  Well, I can't exactly give you a proper definition for magic. However, I think that we can look at the special moments in our life and say: "wow, that's magic!" Anything can be magic, right? For inst

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