Inspiration - find it, take it, spread it

  We all choose our role models and let ourselves inspired by them. This is perfectly normal, because people feel the need to look up to someone, to feel guided by someone else’s lifestyle.
  If you asked me, I’d say that anyone can become a source of inspiration for the others. You don’t have to be the most popular person at school, a famous actor or a singer. You just have to be you, the most passionate version of yourself. Take your love for life and turn it into inspiration. Your actions can be inspiring for the ones around you.
  I’ve seen many people who are extremely passionate about their hobby. I’ve listened to people who simply talk about life as if it was a playground. All of them look at the bright side of the events that take place in their life. It’s not easy at all (nobody said the opposite), but it isn’t impossible. This type of people decide that whatever makes them happy will also take them to the right destination.
  It’s actually quite funny how they don’t realise that they are inspiring others. Somebody’s desire to carry on can become your reason to never give up. Your result in a certain field can be the determination of somebody else to work harder. Some people may think "oh, so you’re copying him/her." However, we’re not talking about copying somebody. It’s about being inspired by certain people and, in your turn, inspiring other people.
  Whenever you feel like you’re out of strength, think of those who are successful and carried on despite the obstacles. When you find that strength, you’ll be able to make somebody else inspired, too.
  How do YOU find inspiration?
  Thanks for reading, lovely dream chasers!
 Have a wonderful day!



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