Holding Up the Universe: "You are wanted."

  Have you ever been called different, a freak or maybe too bold? Well, you are not the only one in this situation. We’ve all been through this at least once in our life. I know that at the end of the day, you may wonder:  ”What if they are right?” And I’m going to tell you the answer: they are not.
  The amazing Young Adult author, Jennifer Niven, mentioned in her book, ”Holding up the universe”: ”You are wanted.” The novel presents a love story about two teenagers, Jack and Libby, who see each other as they really are. Flaws are no longer seen as barriers. The true version of themselves is what truly matters and what attracts each other. If you want to let yourself inspired and be aware of what really makes us special, then this book should definitely be on your reading list.
  People say things without even thinking before doing it. Some of them don’t like the real persons, they only look for those who are fake. That’s why many people decide to give up on the real version of themselves and pretend to be someone else. This novel makes us understand that it’s essential to express ourselves and not lose who we are.
  ”All the smiling and the faking and pretending to be what you think people want you to be. That’s what keeps you isolated. You need to try being a real person.” –Libby (”Holding up the universe”, Jennifer Niven)
  Let’s face it, everyone is different. To be honest, it would be boring if we were all the same, with nothing remarkable. You should never hide what you love or who you really are. Why? Because you’re an original piece of art. That’s what also attracts other people. We do have common features, but our own version of living, of doing something...that’s what makes us special.
  ”Dear friend,
  You are not a freak. You are wanted. You are necessary. You are the only you there is. Don’t be afraid to leave the castle. It’s a great big world out there.
                                                                                                             Love, a fellow reader”
  -Libby (”Holding up the universe”, Jennifer Niven)
  There’s somebody out there who would love your uniqueness if you only dared to let it be seen. Your flaws can be a mystery to someone. Your passion for something can be inspiring to someone. Your love can be someone else’s cure. You are wanted and nobody can ever change that.
  Here’s the last quote from the inspiring novel “Holding up the universe”:
  “I’m pretty sure I see you because I love you. And yeah, I guess I love you because I see you, as in I see you, Libby, as in all of you, as in every last amazing thing.” –Jack (”Holding up the universe”, Jennifer Niven)
  Don’t forget You are wanted. You are necessary. You are loved.”
  A huge thank you to  Jennifer Niven, who makes people be aware of their true version and to see the others as they really are.
  Thanks for reading, lovely dream chasers!
 Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love this book so much although I only got to read a short section of the book,borrowed from a friend, during a library session and she wanted it back! This review urges me to read it more.😆
    PS: What country do you live in? The book cover looks different to my one.
    #sweetreats xx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Thanks for reading! I'm from Romania. The picture from the post is edited, so that's not the cover :)

  2. I've started reading this ( I'm only a couple of pages in, I bought it yesterday ! )I'm so excited to read it now, I love that it covers such important topics :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Thanks for reading! I'm sure that you're going to love it! :) x

  3. Great Post!!
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  5. This subject matter seems especially important today in the world of social media and glorified lifestyles that aren't all they seem! You are more than just your "likes"


  6. Beautiful post.
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  7. Omg I really wanted to read this! Thanks for reminding me and sharing this beautiful book xxx


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