Reasons why you should read YA novels

Young adult (YA) novels are so popular nowadays,but have you wondered why?
What are the reasons why people,especially teenagers,like this particular genre?
Before I tell you some reasons why you should read this type of books,let’s get familiarized with the young adult literature.

What does it focus on?

The subject of the stories usually presents a matter that young people can relate to,such as their lack of self confidence,relations with their family and friends,different illnesses or even the fear of death.

What are the characters like?

In most cases,the characters are either teenagers or,as the genre is called itself,young adults,who are facing different problems and with whom the readers can identify easily due to their way of thinking and reactions to certain situations.

The language of YA literature

Don’t expect extremely long phrases or sophisticated words.The language used in YA novels is usually similar to the ones used in movies.But don’t worry,that doesn’t mean that you won’t find ideas that will make you reflective.

Now that we’re a little bit more aware of what these novels suppose,let’s move on to the reasons why you should actually spend your time reading YA books (and trust me,you won’t regret it).

1.Easy to read,hard not to love them!

As I wrote a few lines above,these books have an incredible power of telling an amazing story with phrases that you’ll never find difficult to understand.The language may not be as the one found in classic books,but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to use many bookmarks or highlighters.Why? You’ll find quotes that you’ll want to re-read over and over again until you memorise them.So,get ready for that!

2.YA novels = reflection of reality

Nothing exaggerated,just real,clear and beautifully written-that’s how YA books are.When you read one of these novels,you enter someone else’s reality,who might actually exist somewhere in this world.Lack of self-love,confusion,broken hearts,mental illnesses or death-these are just some of the few aspects that you can find.It’s similar to watching a movie,except that the feeling given by the book is more overwhelming.

3.You can become empathetic

Being empathetic is more than taking into consideration someone’s point of view.It supposes not only understanding somebody’s feelings and thoughts,but also feeling the same as the others.Most of the YA novels are subjective,so you’ll be able to know what others probably get through,as you “live” the life of the character.”Why did he do that?” “What was she thinking?” – you asked yourself these questions at least once in your life,didn’t you? Well,maybe after you finish reading one of this kind of books,you’ll find the reasons for what others do.

4.Exploring the mind of teenagers

Have you ever thought of what teenagers are concerned about these days? (question for adults).Have you ever wondered what the other persons of your age think about? (question for teenagers).Well,there’s no other better way to find out the answers than reading YA books.The pressure imposed by their peers and family,the idea of always having to fit the mould-these are just a few of the issues that teenagers struggle with.In some cases,they even forget to be themselves,because they always try to be how others want them to become.

5.It’s something different and…awesome!

Trying something new is always a good idea,right? So,why not start reading something that is relatable,absorbing and rather cheaper comparing to other books.I mean,come on,what more can you ask from a great novel? In order to understand how awesome these books are,let me give you some titles.

5 YA novels you HAVE TO read (but it’s up to you,of course)

1. “The perks of being a wallflower”-Stephen Chbosky
2. “Everything,Everything”-Nicola Yoon
3. “Will Grayson,Will Grayson”-John Green & David Levithan
4. “Holding up the universe”-Jennifer Niven

5. “All the bright places”-Jennifer Niven

Have you read YA novels? What’s your favourite one? Let me know.

Thank you for reading! Until next time,keep dreaming and…don’t forget to SMILE! :)



  1. Great post! I love John Green books, and I need to read All the bright places!

    Nicole x

  2. I know of one but you have made me very curious. To read! :)

  3. Really nice post. A recent nice one was a vampire series, I was gifted from The Works by someone. Its now a 14 book series which of course, any spending... Nope. I really would love to request at the library.... Anyway, they are a great read. Still in mind is Uglies series. It blows my mind to the ideas, possiblites and how creative the author is. Scot Westfeld, something like that. Total epics. Truly take care, and really inspiring post. Shall sure to check your recommends. Thanks for your post :)


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