Keep calm and love yourself

When I look around me,I see darkness: people hating each other,judging,laughing of the others and then my mind is crossed by an innocent and simple question: “Why?”
Why would you want to feel someone as if nothing in this world is left for them? Why would you want somebody to be drowned in pain? Why would you want to transform your words into knives? I will never understand those people.But they do not need to be understood,they are meant to be ignored.

#1: You’re way better than you think!
Look at you! What do you see? I’ll tell you.You’re standing right in front of a mirror,in front of the reflection of the most beautiful and intelligent person.You’re not like them.You’re different in the most gorgeous and brilliant way.You’re strong and you are smart.You have dreams,you have goals and that’s what makes you so powerful in this world.Nobody can ever take that away from you.Their sharp words are powerless in front of your beautiful mind.Never forget that!

#2:Just try to ignore them
Did someone make you cry? I guess the answer is “yes”.Why would you do this?  Nobody deserves your tears,keep that in mind.When you hear someone saying something mean or laughing of you,think this way: “I’ll ignore this person,because he/she is not right.I love what I’m doing and I am conscious of the fact that I’m not doing something wrong.So why would I worry about it?”

#3:Never stop doing what YOU love
You’re in love with listening to a certain music genre,with doing a particular activity or maybe dressing in a specific style.We all have different tastes and I think this is the most fascinating thing about humans.Imagine a world in which everyone listens only to pop music,for example, and the only sport played is basketball.How does that sound? Interesting or rather boring? I’d choose the second answer.So this is why you should keep doing whatever you love most no matter what.

#4:Dream big,live better
You may feel exhausted of trying to survive just because people treated you in a way that you did NOT deserve.But that doesn’t  mean it’s a bad life,it means it’s an unpleasing period of time.Things will get better when you less expect it so stay calm and keep dreaming! Just believe that you will achieve your goals and then you’ll be the happiest person on Earth.We all have dreams and that’s what saves us every time from falling apart.

#5:Happiness is acceptance
This may sound as a cliché but what is true-is true.Just accept the fact that people don’t really change so no matter how much we try,we are not able to make them realize that our point of view is right.As long as you’re aware of the fact that you’re doing the right thing and saying something logical,then just do it.The happiness comes from our mind so do not hope do find it at other people,because you may be disappointed.

Feeling better already? Then keep it that way! Keep calm and love yourself!

P.S. I hope this post made you realize how special you are! Don’t forget that everyday you’re  one step closer to achieving your goals.

Until next time,keep dreaming and don’t forget to smile! J

~Anne Maria


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