I asked you to -Poem-

“I asked you
To pick up my feelings
From the wet ground,
But you stepped on them
As you loved the sound.

I asked you
To catch them
As they were falling down
From the tree of hope,
But you didn’t even
Look around.

I asked you
To listen to the sound
Of the wind,
But you didn’t
Recognize my voice…

So,how can you say
That you adore autumn
If you can’t find a way
To make it stay?”

                             (I asked you to,Anne Maria)

NOTE: All of us have heard the statement: “I really do care about you!”,but how many persons have actually proved that feeling by using actions? They said that they would be there to support us,but the next instant,they vanished from our life or didn’t do anything to show us their affection.They couldn’t find a way to make us stay.Even if we’ve tried ourselves to look for a reason to remain,we could not manage to find it and keep it.
My intention was to express the feeling of deception by writing a few lines about it and associate it with the nostalgic,yet stunning season of autumn,with its leaves,that seem to be rather lost feelings.


  1. Omg this is such a beautiful poem, you wrote it so well. I especially love the last verse!


  2. What a lovely poem, I think it's beautiful the way you write especially the use of autumn bluring with feelings as it's a time of transitioning. I'd love to read more poetry on here in future :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it! Sorry for the late reply! x


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