Is life what it seems to be?

You see people walking,but you don’t know the number of their steps left behind.
You see people laughing,but you have no idea if it’s the first time they do this after a long,dark past.
You see people happy,but you can’t guess if they’ve ever felt like this before.

And I wonder,how can the ones who judge,sleep at night? Did their conscience leave them? Are their feelings no longer alive?
Every single life has a flaw,something that makes us uncontent.Sometimes,we feel it deeply and other times we don’t even realize that it exists.But it’s always there,crossing our mind from time to time and hunting our soul.
However,there are people who are not aware of the fact that nobody’s life is a dreaming paradise.They see a scene of somebody’s storyline and believe that everything is going perfectly well for them.They even start feeling envious of other people’s gift of living instead of being grateful for their own.Just because we see  someone happy,it doesn’t mean that their feeling is constant or permanent.Certain people refuse to believe this or to accept it,but it’s the only truth.
There are persons that wish they had somebody else’s  results,house,car,lover and so on,but they don’t think about the journey of the one who has them.They don’t look behind the view.They don’t accept the idea that a minute of happiness cost years of sadness or even depression.
Life isn’t always what it seems to be.Just because we see a smile on someone’s face,it doesn’t mean that their tears are strangers to them.Maybe their smile used to be a stranger.We can never guess the story of a person,but we can learn how to listen to it before we intend to say something about it.

P.S. Life is meant to be lived,not judged.So,respect that,please.Life may seem a question,but,trust me,hate is not the answer.Listen,understand and care.This is the only way to grow.

Don’t be tough with people,because their lives might be tougher than you are…

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and….until next time,keep dreaming and don’t forget to smile! J

~ Anne Maria


  1. Really really really loved this post Anne Maria :) The message behind it and saying not to judge is so inspiring xxx

  2. This was very interesting to read.
    I have nominated you for the 'Bloggers Recognition Award'


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