Here's to those who...

“Here’s to those
Who can’t close
Their eyes at night
Because their mind
Starts lighting up
And blinds
Their sleep.

Here’s to those
Who get drunk
On literature
And hide away
Their torture.

Here’s to those
Who talk in poetry
Instead of misery
And never
Try to burn the mistery.

Here’s to those
Who bleed
On pieces of paper
From too many
“Talk to you later!” “

                                                 (Here’s to those who…,Anne Maria)

This poem is dedicated to all those persons who can’t find their inner peace at night or who hide away their feelings during the day. To those who love finding an escape: writing, reading or any other activity that transforms their bleeding soul into a powerful one. Just because someone broke the window of your soul,that does not mean that you have no view left, because you are the only landscape that you should focus on.I know that you can’t make your thoughts shut up at night and that you feel helpless when you try to fix your own soul, but focus on the power of your mind,because you’re the only one who has its control.

P.S. Whoever is reading this, however you’re feeling, the sadness will fade away.It has to…


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