What is happiness for you?

Happiness for me is finding the right words that I can put on paper.
Happiness for me is seeing the bright smile of my mom.
Happiness for me is exploring people’s minds.

What is happiness for YOU?

You have to admit it,you’ve asked yourself at least once in your life what happiness means.I know,it’s not easy to find an answer because the feeling itself is the answer for your soul.But what if  it had one? What would it be?

Whenever I go out,I hear children laughing,I see them playing,I see mothers smiling to their kids,lovers holding hands or friends hanging out.I’ve also seen people doing what they love,persons listening to their favourite music,daydreaming and I asked myself: “are these people happy?”;|”Wait,am I happy?”

Some people pretend to be happy just to please their loved ones,they are wearing smiling masks or they simply have the impression that happiness has finally found them.But who truly and deeply actually feels that? Maybe there aren’t many persons in this world who feel it everyday.Despite the fact that happiness seems to be a concept which is difficult or almost impossible to touch,I think that it can become real anytime.

I mean,look around you! You’re living! How amazing is that? You can do anything you wish with your perseverance and your imagination.Look at the sky and you will feel free.You are not under anyone’s control.Look at your left,at your right,in front of you and behind and in that moment,you’ll notice people,you’ll hear laughter,you’ll see life and you’ll feel happiness,because you’re a part of everything that surrounds you.

P.S. Hope you found happiness and if you didn’t,don’t worry,you’ll find it sooner that you expect because you deserve it.Everyone does.

I’d love to know what happiness means to you!  Let me know (:

Until next time,keep dreaming and don’t forget to smile! J

~Anne Maria


  1. Lovely post. It really made me think and I'd love to write something similar x

  2. This was an intriguing post!Definitely something to think about!


  3. Thank you <3 Glad you enjoyed reading it! :)


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