You're the artist of your own life

Many people live with the idea that they were given a life just to stare at how it passes by or they use it to destroy the gift of living of other persons.A few are those who are conscious of the fact that they should take it in their hands and give it a meaning.

You’re the artist of your own life.Some people appreciate the colours that you’re using for your creation while others are trying to appear intelligent by criticising it in front of you or in front of those who can’t have their own opinion.You may think that when it comes to powers,you don’t have any,you’re broken,which is completely wrong.Your passion for life is the main power that belongs to you and you have to let it bloom.

At the beginning,your life seems to be just a small piece of paper that may look insignificant.Then,you discover the colours that appear to you as the only solution to fill the blank space.

After a certain period of time,you learn how to use those colours,how to match them,what they are needed for.It’s perfectly fine if you’re running out of one of them,because you’ve got plenty of other options left.

Sometimes,you start a new painting,because you weren’t satisfied with the first one.But what is most important is to never stop using your creativity,your ambition,the colours that you posses.Never stare at the blank in front of you,because it will stare at you back and it will take away your passion for existence.

In the end,you will achieve the goals that you set for your masterpiece inspite of the fact that your work seems to be endless.The process,the steps that it takes,are a part of your growing that differs for every person,which is spectacular.

There will be positive comments about it from those who know what a creation takes,who see the meaning,who guess the story behind it and negative ones from those who do not have any idea about what to do with the white canvas of life.

So,take those colours and find out how to use them in order to make your life a work of art!

P.S. Don’t forget to be aware of the fact that no matter what colours you use,what people say about how your work of art looks like or how many times you fail while working on it,you’ll always be a true artist,because you give your life a sense.

Until next time,keep dreaming and don’t forget to smile! J

~Anne Maria


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